A search on Malin Head through Wikipedia reveals a photograph with the caption:

"Markings to alert aircraft to neutral Ireland ("EIRE") during WWII on Malin Head Co. Donegal"


I flew over Malin Head in September 2007 and took the following three photographs.

It is most interesting to see that visitors now spell their own names in stone.


I first noticed the EIRE letter on Bray Head Valentia Island in during a flight in 1992

I visited the headland in August 2007 and found them

'E' on left, 'I' in centre and 'R' to the right


I flew over Bray Head in August 2008 and took the following photographs

The top of the letter 'E' can just be seen, the letters 'I' and 'R' are clear the final 'E' can be seen,

There was clearly a border line in white stone around the neutrality sign.


I think the sign has great historical significance, with the permission of the landowner

the letters should be carefully found, possibly with a lawn edge trimmer

and brought back to life like the "EIRE" sign at Malin Head

showing our neutrality during 'The Emergency".

It would be of great interest to tourists and visitors to Valentia Island.


Kevin Dwyer, Photographer & Author

Blue Cottage, Cloyne, Co. Cork, Ireland

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